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Renegade Effects Group offers a full range of services to create high quality props for film, television and commercials.  We can make everything from hero product shot replicas to rubber combat weapons.

Below are some scenes, containing samples of our staff's work.  Most work was completed at other shops.  The thumbnails are linked to larger images.  After viewing the larger image, use your browser's Back button to return to this page.

These props were made for the independent production 'Dark Ride:

The following guitar cover and amplifier setup were prototypes we made for Bogner Amps. Our staff provided the Art Direction and Design, as well as the manufacture of these items:

The following jewelry items were made as demonstration pieces:

These body monitor pieces were made for the film "The Island," by Dreamworks Pictures, although in the end they weren't used.


These props, a pendant and a "geiger counter," were made for the TV show "Angel;" the pendant also appeared in the series finale of "Buffy," where it served to close the Hellmouth (and led to the collapse of Sunnydale).

These images are from "Bicentennial Man".

These images are from "Last of the Mohicanns".

These images are from "Star Trek: First Contact" and "Star Trek: Generations".

These images are from "The Crow II".

These images are from "Eraser".

Here are a few other props that we've made at various times:


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