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Renegade has some of the best artists in the world for creating realistic miniatures and miniature effects.

Below are some scenes, containing samples of our staff's work.  Most work was completed at other shops.  The thumbnails are linked to larger images.  After viewing the larger image, use your browser's Back button to return to this page.

These miniatures were made for a Discovery Channel presentation 'Alien Planet':

These images are from an Isuzu commercial.  The work was done at Tribal scenery.  This advertisement won a Cleo award.

 These images are from the 20th Century Fox film "Independence Day".

These images are from the Film "The Asteroid."  The miniatures were created at another facility.

These suits and miniatures were created for the film "Robo Warriors".

These images are from various projects.   The miniatures were created at other facilities.

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