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Renegade is one of the most advanced Armour workshops in the United States.  We are experts in dealing with historic weapons and armour, and we also make modern and sci-fi armor and weapons.

Our Armour and weapons are suitable for a wide range of needs, such as film and television, live performances, museums and collectors.  Stunt pieces are a specialty of ours.

Below are some scenes and images containing samples of our staff's work.  Some of the older work was completed at other shops.  The thumbnails are linked to larger images.  After viewing the larger image, use your browser's Back button to return to this page.

These suites of armour were made for Sony Entertainment, to promote Everquest II:

Here is a prototype / concept for a Future Warior battle armour, made with traditional techniques:

Detail of Unfinished Gauntlet

These pieces were used in the film "The Chronicles of Riddick":

Detail of Unfinished Gauntlet

This piece of armour was produced for "The Chronicles of Riddick," although it was not used in the film:

These images are from the film "Starship Troopers".

These images are from the film "Batman and Robin".  Dragon Dronet worked closely with Master Terry English on this project.

The following pieces are on display in our conference room or shop.

The following pieces were made by Master English.

Dragon Dronet with Master Terry English, modeling some of
Terry's armour at his shop in Cornwall, England.

Here are some examples of futuristic weapons; these weapons were made at other facilites. The handguns were made for Outer Limits. The other two items were made for Star Trek - DS-9 and Babylon 5.

Detail of Unfinished Gauntlet

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